Caller Of The Year 2022

The search is on the National Bingo Game's Caller Of The Year 2022 and for the current reigning champion Donna Kunyo from Club 3000 Bingo, to pass on the Crown.

NBG Caller of The Year 2019 - Winner Donna Kunyo
Reigning Caller of The Year  - Donna Kunyo, from Club 3000 Bingo, Middleton

A main stage bingo caller is the heartbeat of every club; the one who takes centre-stage and breathes fun and excitement into every single session. Their professionalism is essential to the management and hosting a game, while their presence and ability to entertain and command a room is what can turn a good game, into a great game.

The National Bingo Game Caller of the Year competition first took place in 1994 and continued for around 15 years before being re-born in 2019, when 50 callers from over 20 operators entered. Following a variety of regional heats and events, six finalists made it through to the Grand Final, with representatives from Buzz, Castle, Carlton, Club 3000, Beacon (now Merkur) and Mecca.  

Despite it being a competition and the fact that there can only be one winner, contestants really enjoy the experience of taking part and find genuine support from each other. The biennial competition was due to take place in 2021, but as with so many things fell foul of the pandemic.

Caller Of The Year is the perfect showcase for all that is good in the bingo community – the team, the players, the game of bingo and above all else, fun. This year’s competition will be held in three streams:
1. Independent Clubs
2. Buzz Bingo Clubs
3. Mecca Bingo Clubs

Callers from Independent clubs will compete in four regional finals to be held on 12th June, 26th June and 10th July. Venues will be announced on the National Bingo Game website and Facebook and Twitter pages. Buzz and Mecca streams will be starting shortly, with each stream putting forward contestants for the Grand Final, to be held at Club 3000, Wigan on 13 November.

For a flavour of the Grand Final, watch the video below of the 2019 event:

Caller of the year 

NBG Caller of The Year 2019 - All Finalists

2019 Finalists, L-R: Christopher Graham, Donna Kunyo, Rhys Evans, Michael Farley, Jason Davies and Bob Manwaring

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