Bingo Dos and Donts


  • Between games, socialise with the people around you. Playing bingo is a great way to make new friends. Remember when it's "Eyes down", it's also time to stop the chat and turn those mobile phones off!
  • Take along your mascot for good luck; it can only help to have your rabbit's foot, or four-leafed clover.
  • Some players have their lucky seats they always sit in, please move if you're asked to.
  • Put a smile on somebody's face, if you've any spare tickets when you're leaving, give those tickets to another player.


  • Keep talking after the first number is called. Nobody wants to miss hearing any.
  • Bang your dabber or marker on the tickets, it is off-putting for those playing near you.
  • Try not to make make false calls  - they do happen but always double check before you shout "House!".
  • Forget to have fun.
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