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The National Bingo Game Association Limited

The National Bingo Game Association Limited (NBGA) works with leading industry operators to deliver 'The National Game’ - offering players in participating clubs life enhancing prize money, twice a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year.

The company was formed in June 1986 and the first National Game played in July that year. Since then the NBGA has been successfully delivering The National Game 364 days a year. In addition to offering The National Game, the NBGA also makes available to players at some participating clubs a range of other linked bingo games, some of these are delivered by the NBGA and some are delivered by partner company Meeron. Details of these games can be found in the ‘Other Games’ section of this web site. The NBGA is committed to ensuring that all the games it delivers and offers are managed and run professionally, in accordance with current legislation and best practice.

The NBGA is a company limited by guarantee and as such managed by a board of directors. As of Jan 2019 the Board comprises:

Chairman Alan Morgan Rank plc
Chief Executive   Miles Baron  NBGA
Secretary Cherry Hosking    NBGA 
Director Jeff Harris Castle Leisure Ltd.
Director Mike Sime  Mecca Bingo 
Director Mike Watret  Carlton Leisure Plc 
Director Nick Harding   Praesepe plc
Director Dave Robson  Shipley Brothers 
Director Mark Jepp Majestic Bingo Limited
Director Stefan Harrison Club 2000 Bingo Limited

The National Bingo Game Association Limited is licensed under The Gambling Act 2005 and regulated by The Gambling Commission . We work closely with our sister organistion, The Bingo Association Limited, the trade association for all licensed bingo operators in Great Britain.
© National Bingo Game Association 2020

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