Caller Of The Year 2019

After a long break, bingo's favourite caller competition is back!  

The National Bingo Game's crowd pleasing 'Caller Of The Year'.

Caller of the Year 2007 - News real with guest judge Lorraine Chase 

After twelve years, the iconic National Bingo Game Caller of The Year  competition is back by popular demand. On Sunday 24th November 2019, Buzz Bingo, Great Park in Birmingham will open its doors to host the Grand Final sponsored by the National Bingo Game.

Over two hundred callers from across Great Britain initially entered the prestigious competition at qualifying events held across the country: this number has been whittled down to just six national finalists, one of which will be crowned National Bingo Game Caller of The Year 2019.

Finalists will be judged on set criteria which includes their knowledge of the game, showmanship skills and of course their skills as a caller, calling the numbers. The judging panel for this year's event comprises Miles Baron, CEO of the National Bingo Game, current title holder Blake Robson with a third guest judge to be announced shortly.

The winner will receive a trophy, a £1,000 cash prize plus the prestigious title for a year, acting as an ambassador for the National Bingo Game. Runners-up will each receive a trophy and £500.

The Bingo Caller of The Year 2019 finalists are:

Previous winner and current title holder Blake Robson, said, "I'm thrilled that the competition is back. It's such a great thing to be part fo for many reasons, Bingo isn't just about calling the numbers, there's an art to being a great showman and knowing about the industry as a whole. Its' such a fulfilling thing to be part fo as it unifies people, and in some cases, it can change lives with the money people win." 

Blake continues: "Bingo has paved a career for me, I'm now a full-time entertainer but its with the skills and professionalism from bingo that I've been able to succeed in what I do and I'm so thankful for that."

"I want the contestants to relish this opportunity, as it only comes once in a lifetime. I felt so honoured to have won the title and it still means a lot to me today. I won the competition and I've got the t-shirt to prove it, it's now worn out and it's time for me to pass it on to a new winner."

Miles Baron, CEO of the National Bingo Game comments, " The National Bingo Game Caller of The Year competition is a chance to recognise the talent, dedication and skills of Bingo Callers, who play an integral part of the whole bingo experience. The return of Bingo Caller of The Year in 2019 brings the whole industry together and celebrates not just the talents of Bingo Callers, who bring so much joy to customers, but also the contribution the game of bingo makes to society by bringing communities together: the enthusiasm from all operators leading up to the final has been amazing, we can't wait to crown our next champion on the 24th November."

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