Prices and Prizes

Pay small to win big.

Play the National Bingo Game for just £1 for the chance to win big money prizes. 

From Monday 6th February 2017.


Day Sunday – Friday Saturday
Price*                     £1                   £1 

1 Line            £  1,000           £  1,000
2 Line            £  2,000            £  2,000
Full House  Up to £  7,000  Up to £15,000
Community Prize**                           £ 10,000


Day                             Monday – Thursday Friday – Sunday
                   £1                     £1 

1 Line             £ 2,000            £ 2,000
2 Line            £ 3,000            £ 3,000
Full House  Up to £18,000  Up to £30,000
Jackpot**                              £50,000

  *£1 for each strip of six tickets, or £2 for each strip of six tickets and National Bonus game. 
**The day of the week on which these Prizes are played varies - please see in club promotional material.

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> Join in the excitement – find a club
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