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Jade Gorthy and Partner, Mecca Douglasfield Dundee


Just under two weeks after Mecca Dundee Douglasfield reopened its doors on 17th May, along with the majority of bingo clubs across the country, one lucky bingo player entered the Bank Holiday weekend by claiming a life changing £50,000 on the National Bingo Game.

The winner, Jade Gorthy, was enjoying an evening out at Mecca Bingo Douglasfield Dundee when all her numbers came up and the evening took an exciting and unexpected turn, as she called 'house' on the National Bingo Game.

The 27-year-old support worker, who has been playing at Mecca for nearly 10 years, decided to pop in for an evening of bingo with her partner and two friends just as the restrictions got lifted and the club reopened. Jade's partner first won a small jackpot during the evening before she successfully claimed what she first believed to be a Jackpot of £1,000, but turned out to be a whopping £50,000.

Jade said, "I was so happy when I realised I had won, and what a surprise when I realised the Jackpot was actually 50 times higher than I first thought! I think the entire club heard me screaming. As soon as I won I called my grandad, he couldn't believe it."

Jade revealed that she would like to use her winnings to find a place to live with her partner, and that it's given her hope after what has been a hard year.

James Weston, General Manager at Mecca Douglasfield said, "It's always a fantastic moment when someone calls house on the National Bingo Game, and it feels even better knowing it's so soon after we could finally reopen our doors. We're absolutely thrilled for Jade, who has been playing for year. £50,000 is an incredible prize and we're delighted."

Alastair Stewart, Business Development Manager at the National Bingo Game said: "We are thrilled for our lucky National Bingo Game £50,000 winner at Mecca Dundee Douglasfield, and we hope Jade enjoys her winnings: it just goes to show that you can win big at bingo and that entertainment is back." 

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All players must be aged 18 or over.  The National Bingo Game is played under the provisions of The Gambling Act 2015 and played under National Bingo Game Players' Rules. Players should always gamble responsibly. For more information and advice visit www.BeGambleAware.org.

3rd June 2021
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