£50,000 Jackpot Winners 2023

DATE - 2023        CLUB NAME        TOWN                        
02nd Jan 2023 Club 3000 Coatbridge
02nd Jan 2023 Buzz  Leicester
14th Jan 2023 Premier Perth
27th Jan 2023 Buzz Blackburn
27th Jan 2023 Apollo  Camborne 
01st Feb 2023 Buzz Nottingham 
11th Feb 2023 Castle  Cardiff (Canton) 
11th Feb 2023  Opera  Barrow 
15th Feb 2023 Buzz Brighton
25th Feb 2023 Mecca  Bolton
05th Mar 2023 Mecca  Hamilton
12th Mar 2023 Mecca   Stockton 
20th Mar 2023 Club 3000  Cwmbran 
25th Mar 2023  Buzz Medway 
01st Apr 2023 Mecca  Wrexham 
01st Apr 2023 Mecca  Stevenage 
01st Apr 2023 Castle  Corby
14th Apr 2023 Club 3000 Kirkcaldy 
18th Apr 2023 Buzz  Crawley 
22nd Apr 2023 Mecca   Wrexham 
26th Apr 2023 Apple   London (Sydenham)
05th May 2023 Shipley's  Kidderminster 
10th May 2023 Buzz Leicester
29th May 2023 Mecca Luton
06th May 2023  Castle  Cardiff (Newport Rd.)
17th Jun 2023 Mecca  Stoke 
18th Jun 2023 Mecca  Luton 
19th Jun 2023 Merkur  London (Cricklewood) 
19th Jun 2023 Buzz Burnley 
26th Jun 2023 Buzz Wolverhampton 
30th Jun 2023 Mecca  Wakefield 
07th Jul 2023 Mecca  Glasgow (Forge) 
08th Jul 2023 Castle Swansea 
08th Jul 2023 Mecca Thanet 
10th Jul 2023 Club3000 Wigan 
18th Jul 2023  BJs  Leigh 
19th Jul 2023 Club3000  Manchester (HydeRd) 
21st Jul 2023 Club2000  Runcorn 
28th Jul 2023 Mecca  Dagenham 
04th Aug 2023 Mecca  Hamilton 
04th Aug 2023 Club3000  Doncaster 
05th Aug 2023 Club3000 Greenock
20th Aug 2023 Club3000 Mansfield 
19th Sep 2023 Mecca Leeds (Mayfair) 
23rd Sep 2023 Mecca  Blyth 
01st Oct 2023 Merkur  London (Cricklewood) 
07th Oct 2023 Leo Leisure Eastbourne
09th Oct 2023 Merkur  Northampton
28th Oct 2023 Castle  Newport 
31st Oct 2023 Flutters  Biggleswade
02nd Nov 2023 Club3000  Kilmarnock 
11th Dec 2023 Kings Sheerness
16th Dec 2023 Mecca  Aberdeen 
29th Dec 2023 Opera  Whitehaven 
30th Dec 2023 Mecca Huddersfield

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