National Bingo Game

The National Game just got bigger!

More chances to win. More prizes to be won.

So now you can:

Play live

Play for just £1

Play for a line, two lines or a full house

Play for a prize pot of over £250,000 every week

Play for our massive weekly evening jackpot of £50,000

Play together for a weekly afternoon community prize of  £10,000 

Play for even  more  prizes  all  year  round.

All players  have  to  do  to  win big, is win their club game with the lowest number of calls from around  the  country.

Find your local participating club today: Here

The game offers players at participating clubs the opportunity to win life changing prizes, every day of the year, except Christmas Day, creating and paying out a weekly prize pot of over £250,000: every game provides a treble chance to win one or more of three cash prizes plus special games:

  • 1 Line
  • 2 Line
  • Full House
  • Special £10,000 Community Prize and £50,000 Jackpot Games

The game is played live in each participating club, for the one line, two line and full house prizes and the number of calls on which the claims are made recorded. The results are announced live in club.

Special games are played as notified from time to time and include an afternoon Community Prize of £10,000, awarded to the club where the full house prize is successfully claimed.  The £10,000 is then shared amongst players participating in that playing of the National Bingo Game at that club.  There is also a £50,000 Jackpot prize that is offered from time to tome and awarded on the special game as a full house prize.


NBG - Ticket Cover   NBG - Ticket



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