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BINGO! £50,000 TO SHARE!

On the afternoon of Saturday 28th June, local Glasgow girl, Charlene McCartney, not only won more than £10,000 on the National Bingo Game but also shouted house on £50,000 to share with everyone in the club at Mecca Bingo Drumchapel.

Charlene, aged 28, has been playing bingo since she was 21 years old and was playing with her future mother-in-law when she won. The win has come just in time to help pay for her wedding next year and an exotic honeymoon. She’ll also be using some of the money to contribute towards a deposit on her first home.

Thanks to Charlene winning the National Prize of £10,000 and a house prize of £207.58 on the National Bingo Game, 316 players also scooped a share of the £50,000 afternoon community prize in the special ‘Win, Shout, Share’ game.

Charlene says, “I honestly did not have my hopes up when I shouted house on 45 numbers and would have been happy with the club prize. Then when they told me I had won the national and the community prize I was ecstatic! It means so much that everyone got a share of £50,000. The atmosphere was just amazing, people kept coming up to me to thank me!”

Mecca Drumchapel general manager, Duncan Anderson, said: “Playing bingo is a great way to get out and have some fun with your friends and the community prize was a celebration of exactly that. There’s no better way to celebrate than to win, shout and share with the people around you!

“When Charlene shouted house and we knew we’d got the community prize, the atmosphere was just amazing. Everyone jumped up and cheered! I’m absolutely delighted for all our players.”

Mecca Drumchapel’s win once again proves that Glasgow really is a lucky place to live after finishing in fourth place in the National Bingo Game’s recent Luckiest Town study. The winning bingo players at Mecca bingo in Drumchapel will be celebrating their win on Saturday 5th July with a special winners’ party.

Win, Shout, Share is a special game operated by the National Bingo Game offering a £50,000 community prize in the afternoon session and £100,000 in the evening to share with all eligible players in the winning club.

Taking part in the National Bingo Game couldn’t be easier. Simply visit your local club, or go online to find your nearest participating club and get down for a session!

For updates on the National Bingo Game jackpot follow Twitter @NationalBingo and visit www.nationalbingo.co.uk. To stay up to date on the bingo news, winners, fun and games join our Facebook page Facebook/nationalbingo-game.

All players must be aged 18 or over. The National Bingo Game is played under the provisions of The Gambling Act 2005. Players should always gamble responsibly and play the National Bingo Game within their limits.

For more information and advice visit www.gambleaware.co.uk

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