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Luck has struck twice at Beacon Bingo, Cricklewood. Following a jackpot win of over £230k on Tuesday 30th June, another jackpot has been scooped at the same club, with one lucky player taking home a life-changing £133,957. That means the club has won over £360k in just one week!

The second winner, known to her friends as ‘Pat’, said “I am so overwhelmed that I’ve won this sum of money. It is still such early days to even think about what to spend the money on. It’s been a week since I found out I’d won and it’s all been a blur. I’m sure when it starts to sink in, I’ll have a think about what the money will go towards. I’m just in daze at the moment!”

The other lucky player who won the jackpot just nine days earlier said, “my Mum was in pure amazement and shock. As for now, we are both still speechless and it's something that won't settle in for a long time. Every day feels like a dream. We are going to spend the money on a big family holiday and a home for me and baby, due in just a few weeks! The amount is definitely life changing for us.”
Club staff members organised a celebratory party night for the two winners and their families on Sunday 5th July, where they were treated to a VIP event at the club. Family and friends enjoyed a night of bingo and bubbles and both winners were presented with their cheques.

Steve Lightfoot, General Manager of Beacon Bingo, Cricklewood says: “We were still in shock after the first Jackpot win and then this lady scooped a second Jackpot just over a week later! We couldn’t believe it!

“She’s a regular player at the club so it’s brilliant that she’s managed to win this life-changing sum of money. We are all thrilled for both the winners and their families.”

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