Jackpot Winners!



Lady luck smiled on Castle Bingo Bridgend Club when aspiring nurse, Aimee Law, won £190,262.44 on the National Bingo Game.

The mum of one won a fantastic £190,262.44 making a total of three National Bingo Game Jackpot wins for Wales this year!

Aimee’s win couldn’t have come at a better time as she has recently started University to study nursing. Not only will it help her to avoid the usual student debt but she can also invest in a new house for her and her six year old son.

Aimee scooped the Jackpot on 25 September while playing the afternoon game with her mum and grandmother.

“I was so shocked and got so emotional when they read out how much I had won. I just couldn’t believe it! I play bingo regularly to spend time with my Mum and Nan but never expected in my wildest dreams I would be a Jackpot winner” said Aimee Law.

“I love playing bingo as it’s so much fun and winning is even better. This money will change my life – I can get married, buy a new house and book a holiday. I’m so happy.”

It was certainly Aimee’s lucky day and everyone at the club was absolutely thrilled when she called house to win the prize.

“We’re so pleased for our club winner Aimee. She comes to play bingo every couple of weeks and it’s great to see one of our regulars walk away with the jackpot. We’re really looking forward to hosting a party for her this coming Monday Evening October 6th it’s going to be really special.” said Castle Bridgend’s General Manager Serena O’Brien.

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